Saturday, February 12, 2011

What have I been doing for the past year and a half?

I have been a little busy.

This is why.
Caleb Joseph born June 5, 2010

The girls love him

So does his dad.

This is Caleb at 8 months.
He is not spoiled, just well loved.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I did this summer. Pt. 1

I have heard complaints about my lack of updated blogs.
So here is what I did this summer.

Girls camp

I could not have done camp without these two.

Cassie was a YCL (Youth Counselor)

Maddie - don't ask. What happens at camp stays at camp.

Teaching the campers what not to put down the toilet.

Enough said. I loved being at camp. I learned so much this year. I feel it was a great honor to be a part it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a week!!

I had the craziest week last week. I think all of the schools decided to plan all of their end of the year performances or celebrations to wear out the parents with more than one child.

This is how my week started.

Hannah had a Garden Club closing party on Monday

Tuesday day, I had a meeting for Camp and Maddie tried out for the "Pride Assembly" ( I am playing piano for her.) That took most of my day. Cassidy had her One Act performance for her Theater 2 class that night, and right after that, I had a budget meeting for camp.

Wednesday Kait had a performance for her acting class she was taking.

That night was Young Women, and I got to help with First Aid Certification.

Thursday Kait and Maddie had school performances on the same night at the same time.
I went to Kait's dress rehearsal during the day.

Maddie's choir performances that night.

First she sang with the choir.

Then a solo. "Lonesome Dove"

A duet that freaked me out!! She sang "A Whole New World". Note the hand holding ! !

Then a trio. They sang "Fugue for Tin Horns" from Guys and Dolls.

Friday I took the day off.

Saturday I had a YCL meeting. A graduation party. Then that evening, Cassidy planned a group date with her friends.

It was busy, but I wouldn't change a thing. My girls are doing wonderful things and loving their lives. I love the fact that they still want me to be a part of what they are doing.

I feel very blessed.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


It has happened, my Cassie has gone to prom. Here is a "play by play" for those who want to share in all of the prep and fun.

I did Cassie's hair.

Cassie's dear friends, Rachel and Ashley, came over and did the rest.

I made my first boutonniere!

Cassie's hair turned out pretty cool.

We would like to thank Debbie Eckhardt and Lindsey Rosas for the dress. It was fun shopping in the fancy dress closet!

Ashley and Rachel are great friends.

This is my favorite picture of the night.

Chatting with Robbie on Facebook while waiting for Dan.

Cassie's date was Dan Lichtenstein.

It is hard to believe that Cassie's old enough to go to prom! She looked so pretty. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cool song!

Check this out! This guy is amazing. He can arrange anything! He also does Pacabel meets U2, which is really cool.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Song.

I love this song. I don't usually like LeAnne Rimes but the message of this song, WOW!! It feels like my 40s mentality and heart. It is time for some changes.

Thank you Matt for sharing this song with me. Love ya my Brother.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We had a "Wicked" night ! !

We went as a family to see the musical Wicked last night. It was wonderful. The memories that will stay with me will be; Elphaba's voice. It was incredible even better than the CD. Watching my girls enjoy it. Having Kait saying "That was amazing!" when it was over. Willow and Cassidy grabbing hands at the beginning of "For Good". It is their song. Being surrounded by friends. Watching Maddie talking and laughing with her friends. Last of all, Hannah praying last night, "Thank you that we got to go to Wicked and I got to meet the cast." Yes, Hannah did say "cast". She has been around theater enough to know the proper terms. :) 
It was the perfect ending of a great night.

As Hannah said, we did wait outside the stage door to get autographs and pictures. Here are a few.

This Richard H. Blake, he played Fiyero. 
He may look familiar, he was Warner in "Legally Blonde".  

Glinda and Fiyero signing the girl's programs.

Boq and Cassie's head

The girls minus one, with Donna Vivino (Elphaba). She was incredible. 

It was an awesome night! What made it even better was that Brent came also. Little did he know, when we married, that he would by choice go a musical with a family of all girls. Willow (Cassie's friend) was with us, so our van was full of singing, giggling, excited girls. He was smiling the whole way there and home. He is such a good sport and a wonderful Dad.