Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day #8

Here we are in the snow again, 14 inches. So I have a few pictures for you old time Oregonians who have left the NW.

Our hot tub, I think.

We found these hanging from our house.

2nd layer of ice.

The 14 inches in 2 days.

Can you believe this?  We hope you are all safe and warm this holiday season.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day #6

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Take a look at all the Oregon snow !
We have had snow days all last week. 3 weeks of Christmas break. We have been snowed in. 
It is beautiful, but Oregon has not seen snow like this in 30 years. I have a little cabin fever, but the girls are loving it.

Look at my girls working together to create this wonderful masterpiece. 
A freaky green-eyed snowman.
Momma is so proud!

Our sweet neighbor let the girls build a snow fort in his yard. Maddie, Kait, and Hannah named it "Fort Whitaker" after his 7 month old son. He even helped, "Bless you Mike." They were out there working on it for 3 hours straight.

Welcome to FORT WHITAKER. I dreamed of making snow forts like this when I was young. They had a blast.