Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I have returned from girl's camp.

Girl's Camp is over.  Look at all my beautiful girls.  It was a wonderful week.  I am just now coming out of my "no sleep" fog.  It was the hardest and most incredible time.  I have a few    pics to let you know how my week at camp was.

This is Melissa, she is my right hand and sane mind.  If you could have one on no sleep.  I could not have done this with out her.  I feel that the great blessing of this calling was meeting her. 
 I haven't laughed so hard, or cared so much. By Wednesday we were finishing each other's sentences, and by Friday we were speaking in stereo. She was always reminding me to breathe and that all things are fine, and if things were out of my control, it was an "Oh, well." moment.  She is my dear friend, I am thankful that I had her with me this year.  I refuse to do camp without her.

This is Melissa and my cabin after 3 days of busy people.  Foam stickers on the walls for the first 2 days (princesses themed on Tuesday, Island themed on Wednesday), then came the yarn.  I was quite impressed with the yarning skills of our pranksters. We had yarn through the legs of our pants, around handles, it was a work of art.  Then came Friday night,  we went to bed at 2 am and woke to this . . .

(Sorry Melissa, I kept it small).
  We woke early to open our door and find it filled with styrofoam beanbag beads and a message that said, "To our favorite princesses - from the peanuts".

We were also "Padded".  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.  The girls were great.  

Here are just a few pics of some of the "fun" that was to be had a camp.

 This is the gator that we drove around.  Yes, I drove a gator.  I slid down most of the hills, but the girls learned to stay out of my way.

This is the 
final moment of camp.  Some one else was selected to go into the pool, the YCL's (youth counselors) felt I was still looking a little hot and dusty. 
So as you can see. I had to take a swim. At least they let me take off my shoes, watch and glasses.

I loved my experience at camp.  I felt the Lord's hand guiding me through this experience and I have grown and learned and I am a better person because of it.  I also learned that my heart can grow so big that it could love 246 people at once.  178 of them were the Young Women and the rest were my wonderful Stake Staff and Ward Camp Directors.  I have met some amazing people, I just can't describe how my life has changed.  

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet my girls.

Cassidy decided to make my blog a little more exciting.  So she changed a few things.  (Just about everything).  So in honor of her, I thought I would tell you how I feel about my girls.

Hannah, my baby who is not a baby anymore, is sweetness in action.  When I was pregnant with her I felt this calm and love all around me.  After she was born, she has continued to be that way. She can get her sisters going, but she prefers to love. She is a true artist.  My favorite memory of her is seeing her sitting at my kitchen table, age 1, legs swinging, drawing circles on paper with crayons.

Kaitlyn is wonderful.  She is so full of life.  She knows that she has a lot to offer the world and is hurt when the world does not see it.  She is tender and kind.  My world would be empty without her.
Kait is so smart that I have to work to keep up with her logic.  She loves to read and draw.

Madelynn is my songbird.  She walks through my home singing. I video of her singing to the musical Cats, at 2 years old. She is loving and notices when someone is hurting, and wants to help.
Maddie has an awesome laugh that is contagious.  She is all about her friends and fun.  She loves clothes and shopping.  This is strange for me because for the longest time all she would wear were sweat pants and basketball shorts.  The teen years are coming. I love it.

Cassidy, is fun.  She has decided that there is fun all around, you just need to find it.  She loves drama.  She is not a dramatic person, but acting is her love.  She is definately a Haroldsen when it comes to the Theatre.  Get her on a stage and she comes to life.  She is a born leader.  She naturally reaches out to people to make them feel a part of things.  Cassie is excited to be 16.  I am still in shock.  She loves dances and dances almost every slow dance.

My girls are wonderful.  I love being their mother.  It is the joy of my life, to watch them grow and learn and become the people they were sent to earth to be.  I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them.  I know that they can change the world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls Camp

Camp is in 5 days and this is what I look like right now.  Things are going well, I just dropped off the booklet at the printers and it will be done by Friday, T-shirts, lanyards, bracelets, and special gift should be in tomorrow for me to pick up. 

My girls are awesome. They are helping so much.  I think that they will be happy when camp is over also.

I loved having my family in town.  I love to sit back and just watch the chaos.  Nothing is better than family.  I love you all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you Jenny

I am finally getting my blog put together thanks to my sister Jenny.  She is the best.  She is also sitting right here watching me type.

She is wonderful and amazing and I would be lost without her.  Jenny liked that.  

I hope that I can continue to keep these up.  My girls will probably be better at it than I am.

We love you all.

We are happy to be among the blogging family.