Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Princess Quiz

I have finally taken the Princess Quiz.

You Are Mulan!
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Strong and spirited. You're no one's girly girl; actually you are very determined person with a strong sense of self. Never let go of that! The only thing that equals your sense of self is your family, but the traditions of society can always be bent to protect something or someone you love.

Go figure.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Family Wedding

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!! MIKEY IS MARRIED!! My baby brother is now a husband. This happened on October 17th, at the Salt Lake Temple. Almost all of the Haroldsen family was there. It was wonderful to be together. There were cousins galore. The following are a few pictures from that day.

My family all dressed in wedding colors at the temple.

Joe's beautiful family.

Sarah and her children. We missed you Mike.

David and family.

Dan and fam.

All the sisters with Mike. (Kat, Jenn, Mike, Sarah, Me)

Cute cousins.

Matt and Mom

My Parents and Sarah. (Matt's arm trying to get Mom to smile)

The Elko, Nevada Reception

After the wedding we traveled to Elko for the reception. It felt like Sunday at my parents.

Teen-age attitude. Cassidy, Austin (Kat), Maddie, Makenna (Dave), Cody (Kat)

Brothers hamming it up. (Joe, Dave, Dan, Matt)

The Haroldsen family dance party!!!

We had a great time. Family is the best.